We are pleased to present "BAL BALAM" baby diapers for the first time at the national market

New Baby

2 to 5 kg
10 pcs in one pack.


4 to 8 kg
10 pcs in one pack.


6 to 10 kg
10 pcs in one pack.


9 to 14 kg
10 pcs in one pack.

Junior Plus

11 to 16 kg
10 pcs in one pack.

inner layer

air exchange


Latest technologies and developments are applied in the production of kid's goods and materials used in diapers undergo through strong control.

Raw materials used by us for production purpose are made in strict accordance with the technological process and distinguished by its high quality and meet all modern requirements of quality and control, which is confirmed by relevant certificates.

From the moment of coming baby into our world world, his/her delicate skin is constantly stressed. Baby's skin is very thin and delicate, extremely sensitive to any kind of impact. That is why caring and loving parents try to choose the best hygiene and baby care products to minimize impact of various irritants.

Diapers "BAL BALAM" is the right choice to solve this problem. Having carefully studied all main causes of baby skin irritations, we have developed diapers which exclude occuring of irritants as much as possible.

Caring baby health -

a selection of good diapers!

When selecting raw materials, we are guided by the global requirements applied in the production of environmentally friendly diapers, which details are established by the World Health Organization. The production process meets all environmental requirements, as well as its disposal. The BAL BALAM diapers are absolutely safe and hypoallergenic for delicate baby skin.

"BAL BALAM" Diaper

Quality Indicators

  • Fastening Quality
  • Irritation / Diaper rash
  • Useful life

Baby diapers "BAL BALAM"

have a lot of undeniable advantages:


Diapers allow baby’s skin to “breathe”

Diapers do not immobilize kid's movements

Materials used are completely hypoallergenic.

Diapers provide minimal contact with skin when their wet

Diapers have fun and original design

High quality at a low price

About us

"Rysgally El" Economic Company has been operating in the market of Turkmenistan since 2014. The production of diapers was started in 2016, and from the 2017, the Company was engaged in the sale of medicines and medical equipment. Main goal of our company is to improve the life and health of people every day. Our company sees its mission in providing quality products which would maximize the satisfaction of consumer requirements, quality and safety requirements, as well as requirements of standards and legislation.We strive to combine all the best achievements gained in the diaper market and at the same time, supply products at low prices.

Our team is constantly looking for new solutions and suppliers to improve the quality of our products. Our goal is to change stereotype of many people: "Most expensive means the most environmentally friendly and high-quality." We strive to create a high-quality diaper at a low price so you can save funds while taking care of your family budget.

From the first day of use, you will understand that this diaper is a perfect diaper and desired trust. It will relieve you from a lot of worries, allowing you to spend more time for the benefit both of baby and family. "BAL BALAM" products can satisfy all needs of even most demanding parents.

One of our main principles is the production and improvement of import-substituting and socially significant products, as well as increasing volume of share of domestic goods in the total commodity circulation in our country. The production line is designed to produce more than 13 million units per year, which will ensure all needs not only of domestic market, but also to export to foreign countries the significant part of produced goods.

We intend to increase production volumes, as well as further diversify production, expand our product range, reorient our sales markets, and develop new types of production in order to increase production efficiency.

List of raw materials for the production of diapers "BAL BALAM"

Cellulose in rolls to absorb moisture to ensure diaper comfort

Breathable soft top layer (film) of the diaper with the sing colored "BAL BALAM" logo

Sanitary paper for wrapping absorbing layer

Absorbing Super Absorbent Polymer

Waterproof soft non-woven inner material to prevent moisture leaking

Inner, soft, non-woven breathable material for improved moisture absorption

Moisture distribution inner layer

Tape belt with fasteners for fastening velcro, allowing to adjust the size of waist with the logo "BAL BALAM"

Elastic soft tape (elastic bands) for diaper cuffs which prevent moisture leakage

Hypoallergenic adhesive agent for bonding of material

Hypoallergenic adhesive agent for bonding rubber bands (elastic soft tape) with non-woven breathable material

Paper stretch belt for a tight fit waist

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Turkmenbashy avenue, bld. No 71/1.

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